This page is provided as a means of public education only. Our intention at FACT is never to libel or hurt anyone’s reputation, we are merely trying to expose the truth. Please know that all statements made in our exposes are according to our opinion at FACT, based upon our research and investigative work. All information is founded on complaints received by our office, signed affidavits and evidence. We also utilize the B.I.T.E. model developed by cult expert Steven Hassan as our model of analysis.

No one ever gets trapped in a high-control group of their own free will. Initially, victims innocently join what they believe to be reputable church, a non-profit trying to save the oceans, a self-help group, or attend yoga classes…a child on the street gets pulled into a sex trafficking ring or an unsuspecting student gets recruited on their school campus. It can happen to anyone anywhere, but usually occurs at a time when a person is undergoing a dramatic change in their life, e.g. a job loss, divorce, going off to college, and many other stressful and unsettling situations.

Latest Exposes:

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Jerry Stocking

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