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We advise you to please review all of this information before involving yourself with the Krishna House group at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Also, please research about ISKCON online to educate yourself as much as possible about this organization.


From the founder of ISKCON, in his own words:

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Our organization received complaints about the Krishna House group recruiting students on the UF campus. This group is being led by Carl Woodham, aka Kalakantha, and has strong ties to the much larger Hare Krishna ISKCON organization; one that has a long history of targeting the youth of our society to recruit, exploit and abuse them, all in the name of “enlightenment”.

Our organization uncovered private internal communications written by Carl Woodham to another fellow Guru within the ISKCON organization; letters that clearly state the true intention of Krishna House’s focused recruitment efforts on the UF campus.

One family recently has already been damaged by the on-campus recruitment / indoctrination of their child at UF and we are asking the how many more will it take before they will take notice and do something about it. We hope that the University of Florida will wake up and follow in the footsteps of the University of Arizona, who recently banned three on-campus groups because of “financial coercion, alienation from parents, shunning of those who leave the church or question its leaders” and more. According to the complaints and evidence received, the same thing is happening at UF with ISKCON and yet they are still allowed to operate not only on the UF campus but on campuses all over the US and abroad. For whatever reason, they have been given permission to recruit “young westerners wholesale” as Carl Woodham once stated in one of his letters.

Woodham letter - focused on recruiting our youth 1Woodham letter - focused on recruiting our youth 2

We at FACT will make sure that our efforts will be addressed by the leadership of the University of Florida and other affiliated entities (like the Florida Department of Education and the U.S. Secretary of Education for example), not to mention all relevant lawmakers in an effort to make sure that Carl Woodham / ISKCON will be prohibited from recruiting at schools. We believe these religious high-control cultic groups have no right going after impressionable students and should be barred from any such activities to safeguard students from these insidious recruitment and indoctrination practices.




We discovered a shocking quote by Carl Woodham, the leader of the Krishna House and Secretary of the Board for the University of Florida Campus Multi-Faith Cooperative, where he states, “Although my parents had kindly offered me many good opportunities to establish a professional career, I kept finding "higher education" empty and unsatisfying.” This explains why Mr. Woodham never achieved more than a high-school diploma with his formal education.

It is no wonder why a UF student named James, a devotee of guru Carl Woodham, didn’t even bother to show up for his own college graduation ceremony and has lost all interest in pursuing a career in his chosen field of study. Sadly, his family (who drove all the way up for the special event) was left completely broken-hearted by his surprise absence. How is it possible that Woodham is allowed to connect with and teach / influence young college students when he seems to be dismissive of higher education according to his own words?

In our opinion, the only reason his ISKCON chapter is operating on the campus of UF is to recruit “young westerners wholesale”, as Carl once stated in a private email to a fellow guru (see above). We believe ultimately there is no true educational benefit to students by keeping ISKCON / Carl Woodham on the campus of the University of Florida. On the contrary, their recruitment efforts on the campus pose a serious mental health threat to the 50 thousand plus attending students and their families. Why do we say this?

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According to its very founder Swami Prabhupada, The Hare Krishna / ISKCON organization is undoubtedly a religion that advocates racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, misogyny and the like. How is it that a religion advocating these terrible ideas is allowed to coexist within our education system and teach these corrupting ideas to impressionable students?

Just some examples of what the founder of ISKCON believed and taught followers:

“Swami Prabhupada spewed vitriolic racial hatred toward black/African people -- repeatedly and explicitly. Examples of his racial bigotry are numerous and frequently recorded in lectures and private conversations by his many devotees and disciples over the decades.”

“It is all [a] nonsense civilization,” he declared. “A first-class Rolls Royce car, and who is sitting there? A third-class Negro. This is going on. You will find these things in Europe and America. This is going on. A first-class car and a third-class Negro.”

“It is not that the woman do not like rape. They like sometimes. They willingly. That is the psychology. Outwardly they show some displeasure, but inwardly they do not. This is the psychology.”

“Now, in the Manu-samhita it is clearly stated that a woman should not be given freedom. That does not mean that women are to be kept as slaves, but they are like children.”

“It appears here that the homosexual appetite of males for each other is created in this episode of the creation of the demons by Brahma. In other words, the homosexual appetite of a man for another man is demoniac and is not for any sane male in the ordinary course of life.”

“They [Jewish bankers] were financing against [the interests of] Germany,” Prabhupada said. “Otherwise, he [Hitler] had no enmity [against] the Jews… The Jews have got money. They want to invest and get some profit. Their only interest is how to get money, [not] nationalism, [not] religion, nothing of the sort ... Therefore [William] Shakespeare wrote [of] ‘Shylock, the Jew.’”



The Hare Krishna / ISKCON organization teaches all devotees that the love of money is the root of all evil and strongly encourages devotees to give up this “material possession” so that ISKCON can make use of it to spread the word of Krishna to the lost souls of the world. Or at least that is what they claim. What they actually do with these funds it seems is a different matter entirely (according to the evidence uncovered from our investigation).

Case in point, the Chaplain of the University of Florida Krishna House / ISKCON of Gainesville, Carl Woodham, ordered last October a brand new extravagant swim spa for his private residence, according to a Notice of Commencement filed with the Building Division of Alachua County. The estimated cost of this spa is believed to be around $20,000.

Kids everywhere are being recruited / indoctrinated into the ISKCON Hare Krishna group and, according to many ex-devotees, are being manipulated into believing that the material world is evil and to give away their possessions / monetary savings to ISKCON. This of course forces them to be poor and live in the Krishna temples / boarding houses, further trapping them inside the organization by making them completely dependent. At the same time however, it seems that their gurus are free to live in private residences and buy swim spas (contrary to their preaching, they are obviously pampering themselves).

Moreover, Woodham claimed once to Tibor Stern, the President of F.A.C.T., during a phone conversation that he earns a mere $1500 a month, just over the minimum wage rate in Florida. If so, how could he possibly afford to purchase a $20,000 swim spa?

This organization prefers to deal will cash, which of course is untraceable. On the campus of UF alone they sell around 1,000 meals a day at $5 each, none of which has to be reported to the IRS because this organization is classified as a “church”. According to Guidestar.org, one of the largest non-profit information reporting services in the world, ISKCON declares $0 to the IRS (see image below). Even though legally allowed to do this, contrary to their example there are many religious organizations with the same IRS tax-exempt filing status that still account for and report their income every year, which we believe is the earmark of any trustworthy organization who is making sure to be honest and transparent.

Moreover, we uncovered a lease agreement between the Alachua ISKCON temple (the property owner of a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house) and renters that states, “Elias Johannson [on behalf of ISKCON] will collect rent the first of every month IN CASH (preferably larger bills), to bring it to the Alachua ISKCON temple the next Sunday to the landlord.”

All religious organizations that receive funds from the public should be completely transparent in our opinion, and certainly not requiring payments in cash, “preferably in large bills”.


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Starting as far back as the 70’s, there is ongoing proof of child abuse in one form or another connected with the ISKCON organization. In the year 2000, there was a $400 million dollar lawsuit filed against the ISKCON organization for the child abuse/rape of potentially more than one thousand innocent young kids. Plaintiffs' attorney Windle Turley called the abuse "the most unthinkable abuse and maltreatment of little children we have seen. It includes rape, sexual abuse, physical torture and emotional terror of children as young as 3 years of age.”

"Robin George contended that the Hare Krishna’s prey on minors, she was 14 at the time when she left her parents' Cypress home to join the Hare Krishna’s. At a civil trial later, jurors found that the Krishna’s had brainwashed her and kept her hidden from her frantic parents. They even found that her father's fatal heart attack was related to the stress from the months he spent searching in vain across the country for his daughter. The group was not protected by the Constitution for the emotional distress it caused in deceiving the parents by pretending not to know their daughter's whereabouts, the court held."

“Of course, for 5 and 6 year-olds, all that meditation, chanting and bowing seemed unbearable, particularly since they were ordered not to talk, fidget or slouch during the four-hour program. Only then would they be served breakfast — a cup of hot milk and cold oatmeal slapped on wax paper, to be eaten with the right hand only. Too often a cockroach found its way into the meal. The temple was infested with these "flying dates" since it was against the teachings to exterminate anything. "If milk spilled on the floor, you had to lick it up," Rittenour recalls. There was no such thing as leftovers; what you didn't eat at one meal, you were served at the next, or the next. "One time as a kid they forced me to eat some ginger root and I threw up. They made me lick the vomit off the floor."

A Letter From the President of F.A.C.T.

Dear Supporters,

I am writing to you today not as the president of F.A.C.T but as a father who knows the endless suffering of losing a child. There is a never ending trail of where I see my daughter missing; a painful void that can never be filled, which is something I wish no family to ever experience. Unfortunately however, our organization gets contacted over and over by parents who are losing their kids to high-control cult groups acting on college campuses everywhere just like on the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Before James [name has been changed to protect his identity] attended UF, he was part of a very happy, loving and close-knit family. While there, he was recruited by the Hare Krishna (ISKCON) organization headed by chaplain Carl Woodham, we believe whose corrupt influence and agenda has completely destroyed James’s past loving relationship with his family. They don’t speak anymore and they don’t even know their child’s whereabouts. Woodham claims that the reason James disconnected from his family was because he was scared of his father, which is so typical for all these deceiving and manipulating cult leaders.

Before my daughter met her evil teacher Katsura Kan (at the University of Naropa in Boulder, CO), we had the best relationship imaginable between parent and child: completely loving, caring and based on mutual trust and respect. But once she became exposed to Katsura’s influence and manipulation, suddenly I became the worst father imaginable. Such is the story with James’s family. Once James was exposed to Carl Woodham’s influence and manipulation, suddenly James’s father became the worst imaginable human being.

All these gurus have one thing in common: they turn their victims against their families and friends in order to isolate them for control and exploitation purposes, whether it be sexual, financial, slave labor, etc. Victims will start questioning and second-guessing all that they knew to be true to the point where they lose their critical thinking skills and identities. This makes them totally confused while the cult leader / group encourages them that it is all normal and part of the process towards enlightenment. This is what happened to my daughter in the past and it’s happening now with James. It must be stopped.

These sociopathic, narcissistic, self-serving high-control group leaders have no concern for the damage they cause and no boundaries when it comes to achieving their goals. Certainly they should be nowhere near our campuses going after vulnerable, impressionable youths. I sent my daughter away to a school where she should have been completely safe and instead she came back home in a casket. In the case of James, it seems he has become a part of the ISKCON slave labor force (which earns them millions in revenue every year), even though the Krishna gurus call them “volunteers”. What about James’s future? Apparently, that is not Carl Woodham’s concern as long as he can have a state of the art spa built into his home while James and like followers are encouraged not to live a materialistic existence.

When Carl Woodham makes statements in his emails like “…the young Westerners we are shedding blood to attract to Krishna” or “…we are finally having some success reaching young Westerners wholesale” and then we see parents’ losing their kids “wholesale” to cults all over college campuses, well it is not hard to put 2 + 2 together and know what is going on.

To all parents living in Florida, this is my University and your University as taxpayers and we should not sit idly by as our kids are being recruited on this campus and taken from us. Enough is enough. Please help stop this destruction by sharing this information to educate and protect other innocent students and families from being harmed.

Thank you,

Tibor Stern
President of FACT

If you have information relevant to what you have just read or if you have any information / evidence about student abuses by faculty members at any university, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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